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Our  corporate commitment is to build relationships and tell stories that uplift and empower as we engage in activities that add value to individual lives and to the global community.


Since our inception, more than 30 years ago, we have maintained a commitment to sustainability. Throughout our corporate history we have developed programs and initiatives that benefit people and the planet, while keeping client goals and objectives top of mind. Our award winning team is experienced, creative, capable, and committed to the vision of being a source of innovative communications based solutions to problems and challenges that  affect all of us but especially those who have been marginalized. 

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Communications strategy requires engaging storytelling on the right platform to capture the attention of an audience that lives in a media saturated environment. Stories play a central role in our understanding and perception of issues and circumstances. Our work is anchored in media psychology so we understand the psychology of narrative, the cognitive processes involved in how we are influenced by stories, and the technology to amplify or deliver content to targeted audiences.


Our focus is on sustainable solutions including strategy and content to encourage pro-social change. We're the team to call for communications strategy, content development, the marriage of media + technology, training, or a better understanding of the artful use of stories to impact  audiences. We have award winning experience designing strategy to address diversity, equity and inclusion related challenges. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss how we can bring value to your team with our multi-sector experience in addressing communications or relationship based challenges.





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