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About Us

For more than 30 years, IMAGES-IMAGES, Inc. has developed communications strategy to drive sustainable change in communities, in government, and in business organizations. Our project specific teams include communications strategists, behavioral scientists,  management consultants, artists and graphic designers, software engineers, technologists, and subject matter experts, who develop evidence-based strategy to drive change, build support, or educate various stakeholders to encourage pro-social behavior. We love our work! Our strategies are grounded in sound science and experience. We develop strategy optimized for engagement using the media platforms and technology best suited for the solution and the audience. That includes immersive media platforms including print, film, digital, AR/VR/MR, and 3D.   

About US

Our Services

Technology opened the door for business without boundaries. This world of opportunity is welcome, but with it come the challenges of cross cultural communication. Our team of  professionals develops  communications strategy that acknowledges the complexity of communicating ideas, intentions, and perspectives to people whether around the corner or around the world.

NAICS Codes:

512110, 519130, 541720, 541820, 541511, 541611, 541613, 541620, 541810, 541430, 541830, 541840, 541910, 561920, 611420, 611430, 611699, 611710

We are certified as a EDWOSB and WOSB by the U.S. Small Business Administration &

MBE/WBE/HUB by the City of Houston

SBE by Houston Metro

Our Approach

 Stories play a central role in our understanding and perception of issues and circumstances. Our team includes media psychology scholar/practitioners whose work is anchored in psychology, communications, and neuroscience, theory and practice. We apply the psychology of narrative, our knowledge of the cognitive processes involved in how we are influenced and affected by stories, and the appropriate technology to amplify or deliver content to targeted audiences.


Because circumstances and situations are fluid, our approach to addressing client issues is constantly evolving. We have award-winning experience designing strategy to address diversity, equity, and inclusion related issues. Because our work is guided by science, we believe in what if, and why not, to find successful solutions.

Our Approch

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Tel: +1 713.581.0433


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